Easy Access International - Diagnostic Laboratory Instruments

Easy Access International is present into the market for more than 10 years and benefits from their experience and knowledge in the field of Diagnostic Laboratory Instruments. Distributes its equipment through a net of sole partners all over the world.

Why do our customers trust us?

Our diagnostic instruments units are designed, developed and manufactured in China , with the experience and professionalism of our Italian engineers on site, searching for the most innovated technological solutions, thanks to a company learning organization system among the most sophisticate. Moreover the respect of Easy Access International product standards is guaranteed by the EC marking ISO9001-ISO13485.

The convenience of having a partner like Easy Access International

All components are purchased from selected and guaranteed suppliers, are subjected to strict quality controls during production and before final assembly. This leads us to have a European quality standard although the production site is in China, we are thus able to produce perfect instruments at competitive prices. Our after-sales service guarantees immediate support within 12 hours of the communication received. This timing is subject to the Country of arrival. Our partners can rely on a service center multilingual staff, in fact we can communicate in English, Italian and Chinese.

Outsourcing and integrality

Thanks to our continuous search for new products and the different cultural integration of our value chain, all products in our units are manufactured receive a added value from the experience and expertise of each of our collaborators, all of whom are dedicated to making every instrument produced by Easy Access International grow like a big family.

Our main products

Our standard instruments production include:

Our mission

Our mission is to be able to help and create a value to all the hospitals, clinics and laboratories to carry out their daily work effectively, safely and serene, knowing that they can count on the reliability and seriousness of a company like Easy Access International.

Help medical staff with tailored and flexible solutions and friendly user technology.

Guarantee a continuous and reliable support to the users  by our local partners in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Be focused on value creation for our distributors



To expand the satisfaction of our customers, we are open to new collaborative proposals that can expand our presence in Asia, Europe and Africa. We can also supply the full range of products in OEM. If you are interested to establish a collaboration, please feel  free to contact us directly, We will be glad to provide you all the necessary support.