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  • Top 7 Ultrasound Machines: Pricing & Quality Comparisons (UPDATED 2021)

Best Ultrasound Machines Quality‐Based Pricing Comparison (UPDATED 2021)

Top Ultrasound Machines Quality‐Based Pricing Comparison:

  1. GE Voluson E8

  2. Toshiba Aplio 300

  3. Toshiba Aplio 400

  4. Siemens Acuson S2000

  5. Toshiba Aplio MX


  7. Philips ClearVue 350


Every year dozens of new ultrasound machine models are placed in operation. Some of them really offer innovation in the world of ultrasonic diagnostics, while others only differ from predecessors by name and ergonomics.Bimedis team tried to figure out what ultrasound machines are the best. We have provided the results of our studying in a small rating form, based on such parameters as price and quality.


General Electric Voluson E8 


Stationary Voluson E8 Diagnostic System - it's the best device in terms of price and quality ratio. Engineers from General Electric put into the scanner a huge number of innovative technologies that provided an opportunity to achieve an unprecedented quality of 3D image visualization. The use of E8 model allows to raise a level of visualization capabilities in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, assessment of cardiac function in the womb and conduction of early ultrasound examination in the 1st trimester.

The main difference from the GE Voluson E8 series predecessors - advanced volume image HD live visualization technology of the second generation. Due to it, depth perception and realism of anatomical structures have significantly increased. With help of HD live technology, ultrasound machine allows to achieve the objective high-precision results and to determine the correct diagnosis. It is noteworthy that the scanner supports tomography mode. Using a powerful ultrasonic signal, the operator can receive several parallel cuts, which jointly form a coherent volume image. Tomographic ultrasound TUI mode - a significant step towards the empowerment of ultrasonic diagnostic capabilities.
We should also mention the modern sensors, which come with the device- its size and weight are reduced by 40%, in comparison with older models. It’s easy and comfortable to work with them, at that loading and fatigue of hands is substantially being reduced. As your patient volume increases and your clinical cases become more complex, you will require an ultrasound system that enables you to deliver truly exceptional care – confidently and efficiently – every time. The Voluson™ E8 ultrasound system is designed to keep pace with busy practices – handling routine to complex women’s health exams with ease and precision.

Toshiba Aplio 300


The Japanese manufacturer has offered a truly universal scanner that is suitable for both large medical institutions and private small clinics. Toshiba managed to fit the basic functions of a modern ultrasound device in a compact low-cost, but highly productive device. With Toshiba ultrasound we believe that only the best image quality allows a diagnosis to happen quickly and with confidence. Each of our unique imaging technologies provides you with better image quality by reducing noise, strengthening signal and improving visualization.

Aplio 300 Model supports all necessary parameters:
Aplio 300
● multi-frequency scanning;
● automatic picture settings;
● wave differential tissue harmonic imaging;
● improved visualization of blood flow;
● tissue velocity imaging;
● parallel image processing;
● measurement of intima-media thickness of the wall in the automatic mode.

  • Toshiba Aplio 400



The Toshiba took into account the success of low-end model, and then made some adjustments to its functionality. As a result, the lineup of the Japanese manufacturer was joined with one of the best and most cost-effective modern ultrasound scanners - Aplio 400.The machine of average price category can boast high productive capacity, which is comparable to many competitors' flagship models, enhanced clinical application package, a large 19-inch screen and four active connectors for sensors.
Toshiba Aplio 400 immediately has to itself thanks to its high quality and excellent image clarity, which is visualized on the screen. Engineers managed to achieve so many impressive results using Precision Imaging technology of automatic related signals processing, which provides high resolution over the entire scanning depth. In its turn, the proprietary ApliPure + technology provides image uniformity without changing important clinical marker by private and spatial encoding.

  • Siemens Acuson S2000


Diagnostic stationary Acuson S2000 system –a flagship in the field of ultrasound. The device belongs to the premium-price segment, but its functionality and productivity fully justify the investment. With the help of expert ultrasound scanner from Siemens, you can use a shear wave elastography – a unique function that provides highly accurate examination of mammary glands, thyroid gland, neck, internal organs and various tumors without assistive devices and increased compression.

All-purpose general imaging system specializing in women”s health including automated protocols, Virtual Touch(ShearWave) technoligies, Contrast-enhanced ultrasound HD transducers and 3D toltal breast ultrasound.
Strengths of Siemens Acuson S2000: researches in the field of obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, urology, cardiology, neonatology, along with abdominal, intracavitary and intraoperative studies. Among the important technological advantages, it’s necessary to select such research modes as visualization of the skeleton, package of automatic fetus parameters calculation at all stages of pregnancy, volume visualization in 3D and 4D, a detailed fetal heart examination, along with endoscopic rendering.

  • Toshiba Aplio MX 


Universal Diagnostic Toshiba Aplio MX System,  the best choice for the diagnostic center, which specializes in examination of heavy patients, in studying lesions and tumors in human body. Comfortable, ergonomic and mobile device perfectly adapts to any clinical problems. Low power consumption, high productivity, a wide arsenal of features at affordable prices are important arguments in favor of the Japanese scanner.

Along with basic ultrasound scan mode, the machine boasts innovations such as:

  • high-precision sensors for studying objects with a diameter smaller than 1 mm in 3D and 4D;
  • automatic picture settings for a specific examination;
  • a combination of private and spatial scanning to provide a uniform and clear images;
  • contrast enhancement of the image;
  • tissue harmonic imaging.

  • General Electric LOGIQ E


When you need a portable diagnostic system, the possibility of which is comparable with stationary ultrasound devices, you should definitely familiarize yourself with detailed General Electric LOGIQ E. model. Despite the fact that the scanner has a compact size, its performance provides sophisticated ultrasound investigation. Power Doppler, color Doppler flow mapping, automatic optimization of image settings and noise neutralization, pulse-wave Doppler, multipath scanning, automatic calculations packages for obstetrics, cardiology, radiology and gynecology – this is not a complete list of device options.
In comparison with competitors, the advantages of the LOGIQ E model seem to be very convincing. The machine supports three-dimensional reconstruction mode, encoded harmonic and panoramic scan.

  • Philips ClearVue 350


ClearVue 350 Ultrasound Scanner - is a mobile, maneuverable diagnostic system with a stunningly designed ergonomic construction. The modest size and low price don’t affect the arsenal of machine possibilities.
Thanks to Philips Active Array proprietary technology that allows to transfer basic formation processes of ultrasound beam directly into the sensor. The device provides excellent image quality, comparable to more expensive and complex models. The stationary system has such features as XRES and SonoCT, which significantly improves picture clarity, reducing graininess, remove artifacts and emphasize the border structures.  А stationary system are features such as XRES and SonoCT, which significantly improve picture clarity, reduce graininess, remove artifacts and emphasize the border structures. With ClearVue350 it’s possible to undertake complex studies on a sufficiently large depth of the ultrasound beam immersion.

Olexiy Stahiv, doctor, BiMedis company