Best machines for RF facial skin lifting

Currently, non-invasive skin lifting methods are extremely popular. This procedure implies changes in skin properties caused by radio-frequency energy influence. It triggers changes in skin tissues by stimulating new collagen production processes. A lot of RF face lifting machines, which provide good results, are currently available. Today, we will review three professional devices of this kind which have a strong demand on BiMedis – the international medical equipment trading platform.

Leaders in radio-frequency rejuvenation

While choosing a radio-frequency rejuvenation machine, it is necessary to take into account not only its quality and efficiency but also procedure safety it provides. The following machines meet these three requirements: SYNERON E-Matrix, ALMA Accent XL, ULTHERA Ultherapy.

The Syneron Medical Ltd Company is one of the leading manufacturers in the market, and the E-Matrix machine is ​​its new creation, which uses the world’s first applicator tip for fractional facial skin rejuvenation. The cosmetic procedure, which the machine was designed for, is quite cost efficient, and that is another reason why it is so popular with most women.

The ALMA Accent XL system restores skin elasticity by gradually warming up the skin without causing any discomfort for patients. Additionally, the presented machine, meant for facial procedures, can perform skin lifting and restore face and body contours. The kit includes four applicator tips designed to perform different functions aimed at skin rejuvenation.

ULTHERA Ultherapy is a unique machine allowing you to perform face lifting procedures without surgical intervention. It's capable of evening out both surface and deep skin layers. In addition, you will not have to go through the recovery period because the procedure is completely painless and safe.

The machines advantages

The three presented machines are top quality, which is evident after seeing the results. But it is very difficult to come to a conclusion which device is the best for RF procedures because each one has its own advantages and disadvantages affecting the consumers’ choice.

The SYNERON E-Matrix machine can heat dermis, perform coagulation and partial ablation, and it also has the following features:

• small size, light weight, portability;

• voice instructions, which substantially simplify the device operation;

• touch screen, which makes work, adjustments, and controls quick and easy;

• three programs, differing in energy supply intensity and skin penetration degree.

The ALMA Accent XL machine acts on skin utilizing radio frequency and UV radiation. A number of this device advantages include:

• versatility – one procedure can solve several issues;

• additional applicator tips increase the variety of procedures;

• convenient operation due to a touch screen;

• fast and stable results after the first procedure;

• painlessness.

The ULTHERA Ultherapy machine is an absolutely unique device allowing skin lifting and new collagen formation without resorting to surgical procedures. This machine includes the following advantages:

• the procedure speed – only 40 minutes;

• painlessness;

• a substantially visible result after the first session;

• safety.

The BiMedis platform makes all the three machines available for you. Choosing one of them, you have to pay attention to the following features: what frequency and power the device operates on, as well as what operation modes the machine provides. The machine should be equipped with a temperature sensor, preventing the maximum permissible values from being exceeded. As for mono and bipolar machines, it is better to choose the former to remove double chins or cellulite, and the latter – to improve skin elasticity.

Oleg Volobuev, doctor, BiMedis Сompany