How to choose laser and other equipment the right way

Lasers and other hair removal devices, such as IPL, have taken deep root in aesthetic medicine, stimulating many beauty shop owners to set sights on purchasing such devices to attract new patients to their clinics.

Modern statistical investigations have proved laser hair removal to be one of the most demanded procedures in the beauty and health industry. Besides, the procedure efficiency, reliability and its ease of use are beyond doubt even among skeptics.

Technological solutions, used in laser medicine, are developing in huge strides, and at the same time, we are witnessing not only the existing techniques upgrading but also the appearance of completely different opportunities to fundamentally change the cosmetology services market quality.

Lasers ans other devices for epilation

To ensure your beauty center future profitability, among other important measures, you will also have to accurately select and prepare equipment necessary to perform certain cosmetic manipulations. This is precisely why you have to responsibly weigh all the pros and cons while purchasing cosmetic laser equipment.

What lasers can be used for epilation?

There is a whole criteria list which must be taken into account prior to purchasing dedicated machines designed to correct aesthetic flaws.

For this reason, the BiMedis Company offers you this material which will help you get acquainted with cosmetic laser necessary features and how to choose laser equipment for your beauty shop the right way.

What should be paid attention to when buying?

It is common knowledge that lasers with a various frequency range starting from 694 nanometers (a ruby laser) to 1064 nanometers (a neodymium laser) can be used for hair removal procedures. However, two laser types of 755 nanometers (alexandrite) and 810 nanometers (diode) wavelengths are the most widely used in cosmetic practice throughout the world.

Manufacturers of laser industry Lumenis, Syneron, Candela, Palomar, Cynosure

When you choose any laser equipment, always consider the machine’s ability to perform necessary tasks according to your needs. Besides, it is also worth keeping in mind the price-quality ratio. The leading laser industry manufacturers’ devices such as Lumenis, Syneron, Candela, Palomar, and Cynosure cost more than most of their alternatives. However, almost every owner of these devices always commends their ease of use, advantageous efficiency, safety and, most importantly, a relatively fast payback period.

Most modern cosmetic laser machines are versatile in their use. Therefore, such devices can perform several skin care procedures:

  • hair removal
  • skin lifting
  • anti-cellulite treatment
  • tattoo removal

Although cosmetic laser equipment is rather popular and becomes a good investment for most aesthetic medicine entrepreneurs, we can hardly say that each beauty shop should possess such machines. In some aesthetic medicine centers, there are just not enough patients to justify investing in high-tech laser equipment. If the equipment is not used sufficiently, it will become a burden for the clinic. It will become and a cost center but not a profit center. Besides, limited financial possibilities hinder laser medicine clinic foundation or expansion for many entrepreneurs.

How to choose a cosmetology laser

Thus, to make the right choice when buying a laser therapy machine, you have to determine what kind of services you are going to provide and consider your financial capabilities. Upon solving these two issues, you may come to the purchase process and choose laser equipment which will provide maximum performance, efficiency, convenience, safety and comfort for both a patient and a beautician.

Oles Trypadush, doctor, BiMedis Company