Used dental equipment: advantages and disadvantages

Opening your own dental office requires a gigantic financial investment, most of which is spent on equipment. You will save a great deal of money by buying used dental equipment which is in no way inferior to new. Taking advantage of this opportunity, you can start your dentistry practice and replace used equipment with new in the process of your business’s successful development.

As of today, dental services are one of the most expensive ones. This is precisely why the requirements for specialists and conveniences during dental treatment procedures are very high, and in their turn, they directly depend on the installed equipment. So, when you are going to open your dental office or modernize an existing one, you have to be ready to invest heavily. Most of the money will go towards equipment, especially if you want to guarantee quality results.

completion of the dental unit

Buying used equipment: advantages and disadvantages

New dentistry equipment is not cheap, and not every starting business can afford it. Even when you are provided with a loan opportunity to develop your small businesses, taking into account the average statistical data that a dental treatment unit pays off within six months, there is still a risk of problems with loan repayments.

In this case, you can opt for purchasing equipment which has already been used by other practitioners. You can buy it on the medical equipment platform BiMedis where sellers from around the world place their medical equipment purchase/sale offers. When equipment is used, it does not mean that the device is non-working or poor-quality. It is sold for certain reasons, for example, because of unprofitable or, on the contrary, successful business, or unscheduled existing equipment renovation.

Such equipment purchase has its pros and cons. The main advantage of buying such a device is saving money. At the same time, you get a fully working instrument but two or three times cheaper. There is even a possibility to purchase such equipment with a still valid warranty providing you with an opportunity to service the equipment for free within the period specified in the warranty.

Experience has proven that all technical issues with new dental equipment appear during the first years of its extensive use. Nevertheless, before buying used equipment, it is necessary to call a specialist for a thorough condition inspection of the dental unit. This will allow you to avoid problems with scammers who try to deceive potential buyers, and it will make you more confident in your choice.

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Tips for choosing the right equipment

If you are purchasing new or previously used dental units via the Internet, check the seller carefully. You must be ensured with a money-back guarantee in case the selected equipment does not reach you, is out of order, or fails to correspond with the description.

For the moment, there are many companies engaged in used equipment resale. They carefully check the merchandise before selling. Even in the case of unforeseen situations, they take responsibility, provide additional details, repair, and provide other services. Among the available range of dental equipment on the market, not all of it can be purchased in used condition. The following equipment is included on the list of permitted:

  • dental X-ray machines and CT scanners;
  • dental treatment units;
  • autoclaves;
  • scalers;
  • apex locators;
  • cabinets for medical equipment storage;
  • tables for dental instruments.

restorative materials of stomatology

Most consumables, such as restorative materials, needles and others, cannot be bought used. First of all, most of them must be completely sterile, and secondly, you cannot be sure of the quality and authenticity of the products in this case. That is why you have to make responsible decisions when selecting used equipment; choose only the verified stores and websites, and be able to contact the supplier back.

Thus, while buying used medical equipment at a substantially lower price, you will be able to save money and purchase high-quality consumables. But in any case, making the correct diagnosis depends on the medical equipment utilized to determine the diagnosis, and besides, the doctor’s qualification is no less important. Later on, with the successful development of your business, you can replace the outdated equipment with more advantageous options.  

On the international medical equipment trading platform BiMedis, you can find a wide range of dental equipment offers. The website offers new and demo equipment from manufacturers and their official representatives from different countries, as well as used medical equipment from resellers and doctors.

Oleg Volobuev, doctor, BiMedis company