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Сomparison of the most popular models of video endoscopes in gastroenterology (UPDATED 2023)

Nowadays, it is difficult to make a choice when there is such a wide variety of modern endoscopy quipment. So, if you are looking for a good endoscopy device for use in gastroenterology, you will definitely like this article,  as today we want to draw your attention to the main market leaders in this field. Perhaps one of these endoscopes will become the most reliable tool in your professional practice.

We are offering  you to consider the comparison of such video endoscopes:

  1. Gastroscopes Olympus GIF-HQ190 and Pentax EG-2990i.
  2. Colonoscopes Olympus CF-Q180A and Pentax EC-3890Zi.

A state-of-the-art Olympus gastroscope

Today the gastroscope GIF-HQ190 is one of the premier models of Olympus. This gastroscope is a versatile workhorse scope that includes an array of advanced features to support both upper and intra-operative endoscopy. The compatibility with the EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system makes it an advanced solution for routine endoscopy on the market.

Key features of this model:

  • dual  focus, a unique Olympus innovation, providing visualization in two focus modes: normal and near focus, which helps to observe mucous membranes; the desired focus mode can be easily optimized;
  • NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) function ensures the ability to obtain a clear, detailed and contrast image of  mucous membranes and blood vessels that are located in them;
  • EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system provides superior image quality, reduced noise and reduced halation on the images;
  • built-in water jet;
  • waterproof connector, which makes setup easier;
  • extremely ergonomic and easy-to-use design.

The price of a used device fluctuates between $17,000 and $25,000. Consequently, this endoscope is not a low-cost solution. However, the innovation level of the system may attract institutions that strive to be at the forefront of modern medical services.

Main characteristics of Pentax representative

A reliable solution from Pentax

The PENTAX Medical 90i Series HD Video Gastroscopes are a line of reliable, high definition (HD) resolution endoscopes. Their proven ergonomic design is a procedure-tested platform. Pentax EG-2990i video gastroscope is a direct competitor to the Olympus gastroscope. This model creates high-definition HD+ images; the use of this technology together with the EPK video processors provides excellent quality visualization at a moderate price.

Key characteristics of the model:

  • HD+ image quality: the megapixel CCD sensor together with optimal illumination provide a clear image of the area under observation and improve efficiency of medical procedures;
  • due to an ergonomic design and Graduated Flexibility (GDF) technology, the endoscope is convenient to use in a wide range of procedures;
  • amazing quality and durability of Pentax endoscopes makes them cost-effective devices.

The price of a used device starts at $4,000, therefore even clinics with low financial capability can afford this high-quality, convenient and reliable video gastroscope.

Representatives of the top companies: Olimpus and Pentax

Comparison of the main technical characteristics

Comparison of parameters of top video endoscopes

Practical OLYMPUS video colonoscopes

Olympus CF-Q180A is available in two models – CF-Q180AL (working length – 1680 mm) and CF-Q180AI (1330 mm). The colonoscope works with the previous generation EVIS EXERA II video system.      

Key features:

  • high resolution and wide angle images, field of view up to 170°;
  • an auxiliary water function can be combined with a dedicated flushing pump to enable removal of mucus and clots from mucus membranes and to ensure an uninterrupted  efficient procedure;
  • high ergonomics and Innoflex™ Variable Stiffness technology as well as a wide diameter (3.7 mm) instrument channel ensure great flexibility and ease of use in a variety of procedures.              

The prices range from $5,000 to $8,000 for the AI model and from $7,000 to $11,000 for the AL model. Olympus CF-Q180A features superior quality at an affordable price, its efficiency is proved by experience, hence the device is still one of the leading products on the market.

New from Pentax and Olympus

Market novelty from PENTAX

The video colonoscope Pentax EC-3890Zi MagniView (EC-3890LZi model – working length 1700 mm, EC-3890FZi – 1500 mm, EC-3890MZi – 1300 mm) is one of the most advanced Pentax devices available on the market today. The device integrates HD+ megapixel resolution imaging with magnification capabilities and provides detailed visualization of mucous membranes, facilitating more efficient diagnostics.            

Device specifications:

  • powerful MagniView 136x optical magnification;
  • i-scan image processing technology provides a clearer and more detailed image of the investigated area;
  • compactness – the colonoscope features the same outside diameter as standard diagnostic endoscopes, despite all the built-in means for improved visualization,  ensuring great comfort for physicians during procedures.

One can learn about prices for such endoscopy equipment on BiMedis platform, so do not miss the opportunity to be the first one to equip your medical establishment with this advanced device.

Ivan Fedak, doctor, BiMedis Company