Carestream Health launched a new mobile X-ray system DRX-Revolution Nano

In July 2017, at the AHRA conference in Anaheim, the Carestream Health Company showed its innovative X-ray diagnostic equipment — DRX-Revolution Nano. New technologies and small dimensions favorably set it apart from other portable X-ray machines.

The AHRA conference 2017

New system manufactured by Carestream Health

Let us consider all the advantages of this device in more detail. First of all, we should pay attention to its weight, which is only 93 kg. Unlike conventional portable X-ray machines, weighing more than 600 kg, the DRX-Revolution Nano has several advantages:

  • comfort,
  • easy maneuverability in tight spaces
  • better access to patients.

The manufacturers achieved the device’s small weight with new carbon nanotube technology, where nanotubes are the source of electrons. Conventionally, X-ray tubes use thermionic emission. Such tubes have inferior energy efficiency and are heavy in weight. If we compare the weight of a conventional X-ray tube and one made of nanotubes, the ratio will be 26:1. The carbon nanotube technology was developed by researchers from Duke University and South Carolina University.

The advantages of this device

DRX-Revolution Nano X-ray system provides quality diagnostics

The DRX-Revolution Nano X-ray system’s powerful technical specifications also provide some advantages. The device includes the possibility to independently control the diaphragm without moving the X-ray tube. A user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) and 2 touchscreen displays allow instant viewing of the received images and tracing technical changes, occurring with the device tube or console. The combination of a 32 kW generator, a dual focus spot tube, and the Carestream EVP Plus software itself, will ensure fast image processing, allowing doctors to make an accurate diagnosis much faster.

In addition to all the aforementioned technical capabilities, the manufacturers have also installed special software on the device, improving the operability of the X-ray machine when used in an intensive care unit. Besides, noise reduction and detail improvement functions are added for pediatrics, depending on patient body size.

DRX-Revolution Nano

So, today, you have read a brief review describing a novelty portable X-ray machine — DRX-Revolution Nano. This device has minimal dimensions, and due to carbon nanotube technology utilization, it weighs eight times less than other mobile X-ray machines. According to Jianqing Bennett, President of Carestream Health’s Digital Medical Solutions, the possibility to obtain high-quality digital images and to transmit them wirelessly has revolutionized the radiology medical field.

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Diana Balog , doctor, BiMedis Сompany