BodyTom Elite – a new Samsung CT scanner

Computed tomography (CT) is a very important and highly informative diagnostic method, which is applied in practically all the branches of medicine.

CT scanners are usually large, and to install such equipment, it is necessary to conduct preparation work in the intended room for it to meet all the technical criteria.

BodyTom Elite – a new Samsung CT scanner

Samsung Healthcare invests considerable effort to develop a mobile CT scanner, which would have the same capacity as the stationary machines. One of the last new products introduced by the company is BodyTom Elite — a new portable, full-body, 32-slice CT scanner. The FDA approved the computed tomography scanner on July 24, 2017.

This device is an upgraded version of the well-known 32-slice CT scanner Samsung BodyTom. The machine features a new design, and upgraded software, hardware and workstation.

New hardware solutions by Samsung

New hardware solutions by Samsung

Nowadays, high-quality diagnostic imaging is of extreme importance, especially when it comes to accurate diagnosing and, as a result, correct treatment. That is why Samsung developed and included new hardware solutions into the scanner, namely:

  • linear and step calibration, which ensures navigation accuracy for helical  and axial scanning;
  • tilt sensor, indicating if there are surface irregularities on the floor;
  • step correction function, which makes automatic adjustments, when there are slight movements;
  • new lift system, which is quiet, reduces setup time, facilitates alignment with tables and ensures fast scanning start;
  • system that reduces vibration, improving image quality.

New features of BodyTom Elite

The developers applied efforts to improve the workstation as well:

  1. Higher image processing speed, including 32 gigabytes of RAM and an upgraded processor.
  2. Two-way patient communication system, which allows controlling his condition while scanning.
  3. A storage battery.

New features of BodyTom Elite

Improved size and compactness

The BodyTom Elite CT scanner software has the following new features:

  • possibility to conduct lung cancer screening with absorbed dose below 3 mGy;
  • contrast scanning with use of CT-angiography and perfusion visualization  with bolus tracking and manual start;
  • Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) feature;
  • new noise-reduction algorithm, developed for image quality improvement;
  • thirty new custom kernels, which allow the technologist to set the sharpness, contrast and tissue smoothing for each scan;
  • automatic exposure control, which minimizes the amount of radiation by factoring the thickness and density of the patient’s tissues;
  • wireless access point that provides better security and stability of wireless connection as opposed to the existing Ad-Hoc environment.

New software

According to Samsung specialists, it is possible to examine patients of different sizes with the device, and the combination of fast scanning, flexible settings and immediate image viewing feature makes BodyTom Elite a valuable tool for facilities that need versatile portable image processing in real time.

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Diana Balog , doctor, BiMedis Сompany