New trends in hardware cosmetology from Vertex Lasers

Each year, new manufacturers appear with their products on the medical equipment market. These products are capable of competing with dominant names dealing with medical hardware. Vertex Lasers is one of such companies. This company located in New York offers a variety of laser devices for aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

The company takes a serious approach, developing its devices. That is why customers always receive a quality product checked for performance efficiency before each selling.

Vertex Lasers business functioning

The company was founded in 2017 in New York and has already managed to enter the world market, as it sells its devices not only in America. A lot of people have already managed to appreciate the quality products of the young company.

Vertex Lasers is a high-tech manufacturer and distributor of laser machines. The company's product range includes laser hair removal devices, tattoo removal machines, vaginal rejuvenation devices, weight loss equipment, face lifting and body sculpting devices.

Vertex Lasers aims at creating the best and most efficient machines to supply the growing demand for laser equipment all over the United States. The company strives to develop the best purpose-designed cosmetology devices which ensure as painless as possible procedures and help to get optimal results for customers using the machines.

Company services:

  • Device checking prior to shipping;
  • Before and after purchase advice;
  • Aesthetic laser machines provision to clients;
  • Equipment rentals;
  • Device maintenance;
  • Warranty servicing.

Vertex laser machines features:

  • High-tech laser machines;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Promptness and efficiency;
  • Guaranteed quality and durability.

V-Frost hair removal laser machine by Vertex

V-Frost device advantages

One of the best epilation devices manufactured by the company is the V-Frost hair removal laser machine. It is designed to carry out painless procedures while providing maximally efficient results.

The cosmetology system is based on laser technology employing the pulsed light method, due to which the procedure is completely painless. Such devices are often used to remove tattoos, but they can also be utilized for hair removal services.

V-Frost device advantages:

  • High-density non-ablative diode laser;
  • Laser panel height adjustment using the pivot lever;
  • LLL (low-level laser) deep penetration for hair restoration;
  • Microprocessor probe and hair regrowth prevention comb;
  • Painlessness;
  • Applicable for all skin types and hair types;
  • Uninterrupted operation possibility.

Vertex Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser tattoo removal therapy system

Vertex Q-Switched

Vertex Q-Switched treatment principle is based on the laser selective photothermal and explosive mechanism of the Q-switching laser. The device utilizes a Nd: Yag module with a Q-switch and a wavelength of 1064 nm or 532 nm. The wavelength is adjusted by electrical controls. For 1064 nm, the maximum pulse energy exceeds 600 mJ; For 532 nm, the maximum pulse energy is more than 300 mJ.

This is the most efficient technique, used to remove tattoos, compared to other procedural approaches. Due to new advances in Nd-laser with a Q-switch technology, tattoo removal procedures can minimize risks of coloring pigments residues on the skin.

Vacuum Shape Plus VS+ for body sculpting

Vacuum Shape Plus VS

Vacuum Shape Plus — Body Sculpting dissolves cellulite, removes fat deposits, and tightens the skin, making it look taut and rejuvenated. Such results are achieved during several sessions, and you can see the results right after the first procedure.

This machine for body sculpting includes 6 technologies:

  • Vacuum;
  • Radiofrequency effect;
  • Infrared light;
  • 635 nm diode laser;
  • Dual-frequency (40.5 kHz and 28 kHz) cavitation;
  • Mechanical roller.

Along with VS+, the device can also solve all excess weight and skin flabbiness issues, as well as achieve body circumference reduction. The machine is used to remove wrinkles, tighten the skin, treat the eyelid area, smooth the skin surface, help lose weight, model body contours and reduce its circumference, reduce cellulite, and perform massaging procedures.