New Hologic Breast Biopsy System

Hologic  company is one of the leaders in the production of quality diagnostic equipment. The company has invested a great deal of effort in the development of equipment for breast health monitoring. It provides modern medical centers with quality equipment for mammography.

To improve the workflow and patients’ comfort, Hologic has officially launched in the USA a new device Brevera – a system for breast biopsy with  CorLumina imaging technology.

Brevera Breast Biopsy System Overview

Brevera is the world's first integrated system that combines real-time imaging, vacuum-assisted tissue acquisition, verification and advanced post-biopsy handling. Brevera system can be used for two-dimensional (2D) and 3D-biopsies.

Hologic company makes it possible to refuse the usual long-term procedure of stereotactic biopsy, which took a lot of doctor’s time and brought discomfort to the patients.

Due to the Brevera system the doctor will need to spend only a few seconds to obtain tissue samples, the system reduces the procedure time up to 25%, and saves more than 10 minutes per patient.

The advantages of the device are the following

  1. One needle for 20mm or 12mm aperture procedures, this simplifies the ordering and inventory management.
  2. Little to no manual contact with tissues ensures the integrity of the obtained samples.
  3. Streamlined workflow, which reduces the procedure time and patient's discomfort.

To optimize the workflow CorLumina was developed – an image processing technology that automates the process of tissue collection and selection of its samples.

The Brevera Breast Biopsy novelty is also equipped with a user-friendly interface and enhanced software, and the ability to use wireless connectivity and PACS integration allows to save and transfer received images to other devices.

«The Brevera system provides clinicians with more information on women's health сare, helping to save time and money, without compromising the accuracy of  patients’ diagnostic results. The system transforms the procedure of stereotactic breast biopsy and undoubtedly proves that Hologic is striving to ensure better services to our client-doctors and their patients» – Peter Valenti, the devision president of  Hologic Breast & Skeletal Health Solutions, said.