Hitachi releases new Supria True64 CT

Computed tomography has become an integral and highly informative part of diagnostics of many diseases. That is why CT-scanning process has to be comfortable for the patient and convenient for the doctor. A new product by Hitachi – CT scanner Supria True64 meets these requirements. Besides, in September 2017, Hitachi Healthcare Americas, Inc. announced that Supria True64 had received FDA 510 (k) clearance.

Supria True64 CT review

CT scanner Supria True64 is an innovative model among Hitachi Supria compact CT generation. It combines compact size, versatility for different exam types and economic gain. Usually, compact scanner can only image 32 slices, while Supria True64 uses 64 detectors with electronic image processing channels, which ensures exact and fast 64-slice visualization of the whole body.

Despite the compact size of the scanner, Hitachi emphasizes high workflow capacities. With the patients in mind, the developers made the CT-scanner compatible with XR-29 Smart Dose program. In order to save owners’ money, a new “Eco-Mode” has been added that reduces power consumption by 55% during idle periods.

Main Supria family features

  • convenient patient positioning, easy access with wide gantry aperture (75 cm);
  • whole body scanning in less than 1 second per rotation;
  • 5 MHU X-ray tube and 48kW generator;
  • the newest Hitachi noise reduction technology – Iterative Reconstruction Processing (Intelli IP Advanced);
  • 3D reconstruction algorithm (CORE method), ensuring high image quality;
  • Integrated ALARA system for radiation dose reduction.

“SupriaTrue64 shows determination of Hitachi to provide a possibility of obtaining images quicker and with increased comfort and quality. Keeping in mind the intensity of economic and work streams, which are typical for CT suppliers, Hitachi demonstrates once more its capability and obligation to provide higher CT capacities at profitable prices.” – stated Sheldon Schaffer, Vice President and General Manager at Hitachi.

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