Echopulse: non-invasive tumors treatment by ultrasound

New and innovative EchoPulse device from Theraclion enabled the treatment of benign breast and thyroid nodules tumors. The treatment became possible due to a new, advanced technology HIFU, which is based on high-intensity ablation. This technology destroys the affected by the disease tissue with the help of ultrasound, without damaging the healthy one. Thanks to this device, the fight against fibroadenomas and other benign tumors has begun in most countries of the world.

The constant development of medicine and the introduction of new and modern technologies have  contributed to cancer treatment. Theraclion company has been developing devices for combating benign tumors for many years. The Echopulse device has become a breakthrough, since it combines both unique technology of  High-Intensity-Focused-Ultrasound (HIFU) therapy and real-time ultrasound imaging.

Device advantages

The device is very compact and mobile, and also has many built-in functions which provide:

  • the maximum accuracy;
  • high image quality;
  • a clear sequence of procedures;
  • simplicity in operation.

This allows to make the treatment process as effective as possible and to defeat a benign thyroid tumor, as well as breast fibroadenoma. The non-invasive treatment guarantees the result without complicated manipulations and surgical intervention.

Main device components

The Echopulse device, which is used for ultrasound surgery and therapy, consists of the following components: transducer, sound amplifier, ultrasound probe, ensuring real-time imaging, and cooling system.

The cooling system is called EPack and is a removable, disposable kit. This system provides a high safety level, as well as enhanced image quality. The liquid is cooled with the help of thermal probes which cool it to the required level and monitor the pressure. The system fully complies with international standards of environment protection and can be recycled with any type of household waste.

The visualization and treatment unit(VTU) includes the following components: an ultrasound transducer, a sound ablation device, a radiation device, a robotic arm, a robotic operating head for performing slices. The ultrasound transducer allows to monitor the treatment area in real time, the robotic arm helps to place the device on the treatment area easily and the robotic treatment head is designed to perform slices and micromovements.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, it consists of a sensor touch screen, mounted on an articulated arm that can move in any desired direction and at the right angle. The interface performs two functions:

  • assists the user at all stages of cancer diagnostic and treatment;
  • provides the possibility to investigate and monitor changes in the affected area in real time.

To date, the device has been successfully tested among 40 patients with pathologies (breast and thyroid fibroadenoma) and showed excellent results and full technology tolerance to patients.