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  • Zerona laser system incorporates future super technological solutions for non-invasive body shaping.

Zerona laser system incorporates future super technological solutions for non-invasive body shaping.

Currently, the extra weight and cellulite issues are looming large as never before, and both women and men are earnestly trying to fight it. There are many devices designed to address these aesthetic problems. As a rule, the cosmetic procedures carried out with these devices are practically either ineffective or induce a number of side effects.

The Zerona Green laser machine is a new stage on the way to the proportionally ideal body shape with smooth and tightened skin – no pain, no surgery, no rehabilitation period.

Zerona Green laser machine advantages

The Zerona Green system (532 nm wavelength) is a new improved version of the previous model Zerona Red (635 nm wavelength). The production improvement allows increasing treatment efficiency by 25%.

Zerona machine’s operation mechanism involves the photobiomodulation process. 6 diodes utilized in the system generate 532 nm waves having no thermal effect on tissues or internal organs. Affected by the light, the fat cell triggers a cascade of biochemical reactions: the activated lipase cleaves the intracellular triglyceride into fatty acids and glycerin, and the mitochondrial activity growth forms temporary pores on the cell membrane. These processes allow emulsified fat to migrate to the area where the basic regulatory systems interact (intercellular space). Later on, the fat is innately removed from the body through the natural detoxification process, namely through the lymphatic system. As a result, not the death, but the complete adipocyte destruction occurs.

Important! The Zerona laser machine effect excludes general intoxication and harmful effects on the liver which can occur when cells are destroyed.

The Zerona system’s features include:

  • fast result: 9 to 23 cm of fat lost within two weeks. No pain, no surgical intervention, no lengthy periods of rehabilitation, and no risks;
  • efficiency is proved by clinical tests (level A);
  • FDA certificate and the Russian Federation registration certificate;
  • treatment is carried out on larger skin areas with cosmetic issues (516 cm2 coverage);
  • comfortable touchscreen display with encoded treatment protocols;
  • simultaneous body shaping and cellulite therapy.

The set of the factors mentioned above and specific for the Zerona Green laser machine makes the laser lipolysis procedure the most harmless and efficient technique used to shape the body and get rid of cellulite.