Hologic introduces SmartCurve – a new mammography system

Breast cancer is among the most frequent malignant neoplasms in the female population. That is precisely why timely screening and the disease diagnosis is of extreme importance. The procedures can be carried out using mammography, a breast disease diagnosing technique which takes advantage of X-ray radiation.

Though, unfortunately, most women speak of their reluctant attitude towards this procedure and do not undergo it regularly because of unpleasant sensations during it. A survey conducted among 10,000 women proves that the fear of discomfort during the examination was the main reason for women, who had never before undergone mammographic procedures, to avoid it. Taking these results into consideration, the Hologic Company’s experts, along with Global Vice President of Research and Development Tracey Accardi, have made every effort to provide women with comfortable mammographic examinations without pain, maintaining high image quality.

“As a woman, I know firsthand that all too often, annual mammograms are considered a necessary evil. We understand the critical role the exam plays in the early detection of breast cancer, but we know how uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful, the exam can be,” said Accardi. “The associated anxiety causes many women to avoid or delay this potentially life-saving exam, something we set out to change when developing the first-of-its-kind SmartCurve system.”

SmartCurve novelty review

  1. The SmartCurve system has a proprietary, specially curved surface that mirrors the shape of the woman’s breast to provide less pinching sensation and better distribution of force over the entire breast surface.
  2. SmartCurve is equipped with image processing algorithms that ensure excellent images quality and accuracy.
  3. The SmartCurve system, combined with the fastest 3D mammography available, makes the Genius examinations the ideal choice for women who wish to receive quality and fast results, avoiding unnecessary discomfort.
  4. The system is practical to use and provides an opportunity to accommodate women with different breast sizes, and besides, it is possible to use it with the MammoPad Hologic breast cushion for even greater comfort.

In a recent clinical study, the SmartCurve breast stabilization system was compared to traditional flat paddle compression. The study results show that the SmartCurve system increased comfort in 93 percent of women. Moreover, 95 percent of those women surveyed recommend this system among all the other equipment used during such examinations.

The developers are sure that the combination of the SmartCurve system along with the Genius examination will provide an excellent result. Compared to 2D mammography, the Genius exam developed by Hologic is an innovation that guarantees a more likely detection of invasive breast cancers.

“Hologic is the world leader in breast cancer screening technology, and with that leadership comes a responsibility to develop products that provide optimal patient satisfaction without sacrificing clinical performance,” said Pete Valenti, President of the Hologic Division. “We are thrilled to introduce the new SmartCurve system which, when used with the Genius exam, is the first and only 3D mammography system that is clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable and more accurate mammogram, compared to 2D mammography alone. This game-changing product is yet another example of our dedication to innovation designed to meet the needs of our customers and their patients.”