All-Ukrainian Breast Cancer Day

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor in the glandular breast tissue. The cells begin to mutate and grow.


October 20 is Breast Cancer Day.

According to statistics, breast cancer ranks first in the prevalence of all types of neoplasms in women and second among the causes of tumor death. The average age of women with this disease is reduced by 18 years. Every 9th-13th woman has this disease.


Breast cancer in men

Even men are not immune to breast cancer because the structure of the glands in women and men is the same. Although such cases only 1% of the total. The reason for this may be a violation of the hormonal background in men, as a result of breast enlargement. Men, like women, can detect the seal themselves by simply tapping their breasts with their fingers. But, unfortunately, men pay less attention to self-examination, so they seek treatment at a later stage.


Symptoms of breast cancer


If the disease has passed the initial stage, then the following symptoms are:


  • Seal in the area of ​​the nipple and halo;
  • Sometimes spotting from the nipple;
  • Skin ulcers;
  • Enlarged lymph nodes under the armpits.


Methods for detecting breast cancer


Methods for detecting breast cancer include:


  • Self-examination;
  • Visual examination with a mammologist;
  • Breast ultrasound;
  • Mammography;
  • MRI.




Self-examination can be done at home. For example, standing in front of a mirror and raising your hands up to visually examine your breasts. Next, touch the breast areas clockwise, starting from the upper areas and gradually lowering downwards. Check the nipple by squeezing it with two fingers for release. And feel your breasts lying on your back. If you have a suspicion or are not sure that everything is well, then consult a mammologist.

A mammologist will conduct a professional examination and if in doubt, he or she will refer you for an ultrasound (if you are under 40) or for a mammogram (over 40).

Breast ultrasound

Breast ultrasound is the most accessible and almost harmless examination, which under the influence of ultrasonic impulses examines the density of tissues and detects tumors.

It does not require special preparation of the patient for examination, but there are still recommendations for the time of the examination. The best time for diagnosis is a 5-10 day cycle in women. During this period, the hormonal background is the most stable.

On average, the time of diagnosis does not exceed 30 minutes. Usually, ultrasound is prescribed for women under 40 years of age. Or to confirm a diagnosis after a mammogram.


Mammography is a breast examination under the action of x-rays. With the help of a mammogram you can identify breast cancer in the early stages. When there are no acute signs. And begin timely treatment. Therefore, doctors recommend that women be screened annually at risk. This category includes people with first-line relatives who have been diagnosed with a tumor, all women over 40, and those who have received radiation therapy in the chest.

The diagnosis itself did not last - 15-20 minutes. The patient stands in front of a mammogram, a specialist helps to place the breasts between special plastic plates. The procedure is somewhat uncomfortable, during the diagnosis the woman feels pressure on the breast. Equally important is the question: "When is it better to do a mammogram?" Like ultrasound, mammography is best done on the 5-12 day of the menstrual cycle. The breasts are then softer and better images are taken and the woman herself is less discomforted.


How to prepare for a mammogram?


Experts recommend that you do not take any products with caffeine content for several days or even weeks before the procedure. Caffeine increases sensitivity.

Take the painkiller about an hour before the procedure. Fear of the procedure should not stop you from making the diagnosis. Do not use any cosmetics in the chest and armpits on the day of the procedure. Only lotions and deodorants contain calcium or metallic impurities, which can interfere with the detection of tumors. Conversely, they can be perceived as a tumor. It is best to leave all your jewelry at home and vice versa, take the results of previous examinations with you. As for clothing, it is better to wear a separate top and bottom.


Breast MRI


MRI complements other studies. MRI makes it easier to identify healthy and unhealthy tissue. MRI cannot replace diagnostic methods such as ultrasound and mammography, but only complements existing data from previous studies. This method allows you to see seals where no other studies have seen them.

Breast cancer is not a death sentence. Timely treatment, prevention and diagnosis will help start treatment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Most cases of neglect of the disease are out of awareness.

Informed - so armed!

Natalia Ackerman, BiMedis Company