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The Hilditch Group is the premiere medical equipment auctioneer in Europe, with around 30 individual auctions and over 2,000 lots of high-quality used and ex-demonstration items per month. Since 1990 the Hilditch Group has been the foremost authority in the market for the re-sale of medical equipment for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service and private healthcare sectors. With almost 30 years of experience in the resale and distribution of bio-medical devices, the Hilditch Group has established its strong knowledge base over the decades by providing an efficient and professional service, maximising potential returns for its clients.

The Hilditch Group has dedicated representatives for France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the UK. To find out how Hilditch can facilitate the sale of your used medical equipment contact the dedicated representative for your country from one of the links below,:

The Hilditch Group’s trusted suppliers span the full spectrum of facilities within the European healthcare sector. Stock is sourced from liquidation and insolvency, hospital closures, manufacturer trade-ins, lease companies and medical device manufacturers. In the monthly auctions you will find an extensive range of medical equipment to suit your project; from imaging systems to operating theatre equipment, from Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines to operating microscopes, medical devices of every size and application are bought and sold through the Hilditch Group specialist medical auctions.


With excellent valuation capabilities, the Hilditch Group accurately predicts the re-sale value and how much equity can be expected from your medical assets, allowing your organisation to make an informed choice. The Hilditch Group’s longevity in the market has been built upon the decades of trust; having invested in relationships with its wealth of clients makes the Hilditch Group the trusted medical auction specialist in Britain.


Visit the dedicated website for your country to find out how we can facilitate the resale of your used medical equipment.