This guy Ivan is a cheat, he just cheated me 54,000USD. He lied to me, he has machines in stock and would send in 2 or 3 days, when he got the money he immediately started telling me stories that machines were coming from Texas to Miami. He kept lying i would pick machines in 2 or 3 days until over 40 days now. He finally reached the end of his lies to me and stopped replying to me any emails. Kindly i ask Bimedis to remove this seller from this website, because he is a cheat. I have visited to search for his office in Miami. And Ivan has no office, he uses an old apartment he used to live there as his address, but he does not leave there anymore and it was not his apartment, so he still uses it since he knows no one will find him. I am searching for him with police in Miami and everywhere now. Never buy anything from this seller at all!
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