Migra Imagen Clinic with branches in Pichilemu and Litueche (www.migraimagen.cl), is a 3-year-old diagnostic medical center. We are a new clinic in constant technological development, which, due to the need of the patients, we decided to purchase a scanner (computerized tomography), very expensive equipment in our country, which led us to make the purchase abroad. after making different quotes we arrived at the following supplier (https://bimedis.com/user/seran-ganesan-79718) with whom we contacted and reached the purchase agreement, attached quote and payment conditions, with his manager SERAN GANESAN Through whatsapp we reached the agreement to transfer 70% of the total value of the equipment USD 58,076, transferring to date USD 40,900, leaving an outstanding balance of 30% that would be canceled after the installation of this in our clinic, attached transfer receipts. Unfortunately, to date, 10 months have passed and we have not received a response from the shipment of the equipment. Seran is still in contact with us indicating that he will update the information but we have waited a long time and we have decided to take action to return the money since he has not complied with what was agreed without giving us any explanation of the problem.
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